Multi card alert

Wednesday 15 September 2021

At the end of September 2021, a new alert will be added to Vision designed to show where drivers have used more than one active driver card. An active driver card is defined for these purposes as one where the expiry date is in the future.

This situation arises where a driver reports a card lost or stolen, receives a new one which they start using. The old card is then found, and the driver uses it recording activities that are more recent than those on the replacement or newer card. This will activate the Multi Card alert:

UK driver cards are numbered so that the 15th digit increases where a card is replaced, i.e., it has been reported lost or stolen, and the 16th digit increases when the card is renewed, i.e., the old card has expired.

If a drivers’ original card number ends with 500 the first replacement card would end 510 the second replacement 520 and so on. All replacement cards would have the same expiry date as the original card 5 years from their first date of issue, but the replacement cards would have an issue date that would be later than that of the original card.

A renewed card would end 501 and would have a new expiry date. All cards with an expiry date in the past will no longer work in the tachograph to record activities and therefore will not activate the multi card alert.

As soon as an alert shows, it is vital to investigate to find out the cause.

To help you investigate you can use the driver profile to view the card download history in the following places:

Driver profile/ Detail page- shows the active cards with the dates they were first and most recently uploaded. If your driver is working for more than one company, and that company also uses Vision this section will reference any active cards that have different numbers, uploaded at another company:

Driver profile/History/Uploads will show all card uploads for that driver. It will also highlight uploads from other accounts if the driver works for more than one company, and that company uses Vision for analysis:

If the card has been uploaded from another account, this will be highlighted on the upload:

Once steps have been taken to stop the driver using more than one active card, the alert should be dismissed. If the driver continues to use more than one active card, a new alert will show.