Unknown Driver Alert

Thursday 04 July 2024

We have added a new alert to Vision that highlights where vehicles have been driven with a card inserted that has never been uploaded to your account. This might be where a vehicle is driven with a workshop card inserted or where an agency driver has driven the vehicle but has not uploaded their card.

How the Alert works

The new alert will show when

  • A vehicle unit file is uploaded and there is a driver card inserted that is not recognized for that account, inserted since the start date of that vehicle
  • In these circumstances an Unknown driver alert will be thrown
  • You can choose to assign a journey type to the shift that explains why the card is unknown to your account
  • Once assigned this change will be highlighted in the vehicle reports and dashboards

Setting journey alerts

The new alert will include journeys set up for use in the vehicle driven no card inserted alert, but you can add new ones by going to Account settings/Alert settings and adding new journeys. Only those with the Company admin or Primary contact roles will be able to update journey types:

Assigning a journey

All users will be able to see the unknown driver alert, but only those with Advanced editor, Company Admin, or Primary contact roles will be able to assign or dismiss the alert

To assign a journey, click the edit button and assign a journey:

Once the journey is assigned the shift will change from green to orange:

The activity will be shown on the Vehicle Card Exception report, Vehicle Driving Summary Exception report and Mileage Dashboard..