Multimodal-aerial-shotLogistics UK is one of the largest business groups in the UK, supporting, shaping and standing up for efficient logistics.


From medicines to automotive manufacturing parts, bread to computer components, building materials to household rubbish, every part of our lives depends on logistics. From the largest container ship to logistics on foot, we represent them all.

As the only organisation to represent members providing logistics by road, rail, air and sea as well as buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers, we speak to the government and the public with one voice on behalf of the whole sector. This helps us to increase the impact of our messages and achieve amazing results for our members.

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Issues we are currently campaigning on to ensure logistics can continue to deliver all over Britain every single day. Use the links below to find out more about these issues and what we are calling for.

Generation Logistics

Generation Logistics is a programme of engagement and promotional activities which aims to bring the industry together, shift perceptions of the industry and encourage the next generation of logistics workers to engage with the opportunities available and keep the nation’s supply chain protected.


The Workforce Logistics Needs

The logistics sector is suffering from a labour shortage, with an ageing workforce and record low unemployment, recruiting the workforce logistics needs is becoming more challenging.  


Keep Britain Trading

Brexit is changing the way the UK trades with the EU and other strategic partners around the Globe. Logistics UK is campaigning for state-of-the-art trade facilitation measures.


Better Infrastructure

Develop a road and rail network that delivers reliable and resilient journey times, supporting international, national and local movements of goods.


Logistics and the Environment

Logistics UK is campaigning to make logistics safer, cleaner and more efficient. We seek to ensure that our members can continue to supply our towns and cities whilst mitigating any environmental impacts.


The Role of Vans

With over 4 million vans on the UK’s roads, van drivers and operators provide a vital service to the UK economy; their contributions must be valued and their concerns and hopes for the future heard and acted upon.


Logistics and the Economy

Logistics underpins the whole of the UK and world economy. 


Road Safety

Safety is the top priority for Logistics UK members. Logistics UK is campaigning for enhancement and improvements to the already-stringent set of regulations that support safe road freight operations.


Driver Facilities

Goods vehicles are essential for delivering products we need. While the focus is often on the suitability of the road network and on the efficient utilisation of the vehicles, it is equally vital not to lose sight of the importance of the driver and of driver facilities.


Air Cargo

Air freight currently accounts for 40% of UK imports and exports by value and is vital for the UK economy. Logistics UK is campaigning for policies to support the air freight sector, ensuring its growth and sustainability in the long term.


Maritime Logistics

Logistics UK is campaigning for world-class rail and road connections to our maritime ports, more effective government support to encourage mode shift to maritime, and greater use of our inland waterway network for freight. 


Delivering for Scotland

Logistics UK is actively involved in representing the Logistics Industry’s needs with Scottish Government.


Rail Freight

Logistics UK is campaigning for more freight to be moved by rail, to ease congestion on our busy roads and provide a low-carbon, sustainable transport option. This requires more access to the freight network; improved infrastructure; and more incentives for modal shift.


Urban Logistics

Our towns and cities depend on reliable and efficient logistics to deliver food, clothes, documents, medicines, building and construction materials. Our industry delivers and collects, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


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Research hub

Logistics UK’s Research Hub, where you can access our latest research covering the sector and a range of member insights.


Briefing Notes

Looking for information or advice? Logistics UK produces member briefing notes on all topics within logistics. Find them here.


Consultation Responses

As part of its lobbying work for members, Logistics UK responds to more than 50 consultations a year. Find the latest responses here.


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