Logistics UK and the environment

Its undeniable that the logistics industry can have a high impact on the environment.  From habitat fragmentation of transport infrastructure development to accidental oil spillages and plastic refuse in the marine world. Add to this pollution from air and road freight. Transport accounts for around a quarter of UK green-house-gas emissions. The good news is that the logistics industry has a greater awareness of these issues than ever before, and in almost every sector steps are being taken to mitigate against their effects through leading edge technology or best practice. 

Logistics Emissions Reduction Scheme

The Logistics Emissions Reduction Scheme is a voluntary industry initiative to record, report and reduce transport emissions. It allows the UK logistics sector to publicly report its contribution towards national emission reduction targets.

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Supporting our members in reducing emissions

In May and July, 2017 the Government consulted on a revised plan to tackle nitrogen dioxide hotspots within the shortest possible time. The measures encourage a switch from conventional (diesel and petrol) to ultra-low emission vehicles.

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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) requires large companies to undertake energy audits including transport, buildings and industrial operations every four years. This is in accordance with the EU Energy Efficiency …

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