International Trade

Efficient international logistics are vital to keep Britain trading and with Brexit approaching the Logistics UK are working to influence policy makers here and in Europe to ensure customs procedures are as frictionless as possible.  But the Logistics UK’s influence is global, its voice is heard in international policy and regulatory bodies, including bodies such as the World Bank, OECD, International Civil Aviation Authority, and the World Customs Organization. 

Helping new cross-border trade

As the UK reaches out for new international trade deals Logistics UK is committed to safeguarding members' interests across all logistics modes, providing on the ground influence, but also equipping members with a flow of timely, and commercially useful information.  Whether it’s chairing the UK Air Freight Working Group, or its role within the Logistics UK administered Global Shippers' Forum, Logistics UK lobbies on behalf of the UK logistics industry and uses this privileged access to shine a light on everything from regulatory constraints to health and safety.    

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We have identified an ABC of the key Brexit issues for UK logistics and have set up events, news feeds, web resources and campaigning actions to support businesses in these uncertain times. 


2025 Border Consultation

Logistics UK has inputted to the Government’s long-term review into border operations, calling for the measures to be implemented sooner than 2025, to review the strategy following Brexit, and to review and reduce red tape.


Global Shippers Forum

Logistics UK provides the secretariat for the Global Shippers' Forum, which represents the interests of shippers across the world. 


International Memberships

European Information Service

The European Information Service is valuable for businesses that operate on the European continent.


International Trade Campaigns

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