Logistics UK's response to the EFRA Committee’s letter to Defra regarding border checks

Friday 26 April 2024

Responding to the EFRA Committee’s letter to Defra Secretary of State, Steve Barclay, regarding new border checks proposed for 30 April: EFRA Committee raises concerns and seeks clarity from Defra, Nichola Mallon, Logistics UK Head of Trade and Devolved Policy says:

“Logistics UK wholeheartedly supports the EFRA Committee’s request for a clear and unambiguous explanation from Defra as to how import checks will be rolled out from 30 April.

“It is indicative of a chaotic and confusing situation, which we have been raising with government for some time, that the select committee has been forced to seek clarity at this late stage and shows concerns are shared across the political spectrum, just as they are shared across industry.

“Our members need clarity so they can operate effectively, protect the UK’s supply chain and continue delivering goods up and down the country that we all rely on and use every day.”