Our membership packages provide you with the tools to keep your operation safe, efficient and compliant. As a Logistics UK member, we also champion your best interests when it comes to new transport policies and key issues.

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Types of Membership

Road Operator Membership

Road Operator Membership is for all organisations that operate their own goods vehicles. Whether you have just one HGV, a fleet of vans or a multi-national mixed fleet, this membership is for you. 

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Multi-Modal Operator Membership

Specifically for businesses who play an integral role in the supply chain for rail, water or air, either operating vehicles that move goods or providing essential entry points for these operators such as port, airports or rail terminals.

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Public Service

Public Service Membership is a tailored membership for any local and statutory authorities or Government and public bodies. 


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Supplier Membership

Specifically for suppliers, giving you relevant and up-to-date information on key challenges facing the industry.

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Buyer Membership

Logistics UK Buyer Membership is for organisations involved in the buying of logistics services and managing supply chain processes.

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Subscription Services

Warehousing Subscription

Designed to support any existing member who operates warehousing on any commercial storage facilities.


European Road Freight Service

A subscription service available for all those involved in operating vehicles in and out of mainland Europe and beyond.


Additional Depot Membership

Additional Depot Membership is a cost-effective way of gaining full membership to Logistics UK as a depot of a full fee-paying organisation. 

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Operator Licence Compliance and Information Service

OLCIS is designed for all those that are tasked with the operation of their organisation's operator licensed vehicle fleet. 


Manager's Guide to Distribution Costs

This annual guide lets you effectively monitor your transport costs using expert advice and quarterly updates on wages trends, vehicle operating costs and haulage rate trends, as well as forecasts and information on warehouse costs and how to manage fuel costs.  


Benefits of Membership

As a Logistics UK member, we also champion your best interests when it comes to new transport policies.

You'll find membership benefits you in the following ways:

  • Saves you time and money.
  • Ensures your operations efficiency and compliance.
  • Provides regular updates on crucial developments and compliance matters within the industry.
  • Gives opportunity to feed back your opinions and concerns delivered directly to regulators and government.
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Membership Features

Be Compliant

Keep ahead of new legislation, implement best practice and utilise extensive information and advice

Logistics UK’s position in, and depth of knowledge of the logistics industry allows us to inform, advise and support organisations across our diverse membership base. Whether you require the latest information or changes to legislation that may affect your operation, Logistics UK offers a range of services that members can access. For full details of all the benefits for each membership, please view more details on our Types of Membership below.

Be Confident

Access extensive expertise and useful member tools to give your organisation the edge

Logistics UK membership enables you to surround yourself with the information, guidance and opportunities to feel confident in your involvement in the logistics arena. Joining Logistics UK provides improvements to your organisation and is beneficial to your individual role and profile, plus you can extend the benefits of Logistics UK membership by promoting this to customers, competitors and the wider industry.

Be Connected

Forge new industry connections and learn about, input and help shape the future of logistics

Our collaborative councils, groups and forums are made up of Logistics UK members from across the industry and cover a wide range of sectors and topics including road, rail, air, water, shippers, international supply chain, regional freight issues, third party logistics, builders’ merchants, engineering, skills, utilities, waste and more. Members can gain access to detailed information, networking opportunities, a platform to discuss key issues and policies and have your views heard and amplified at a regional, national, European or global level.

Feedback from one of our members

"Fife Council has been a member of the FTA for many years and their services, systems and expertise is an invaluable tool in managing a diverse fleet operation. The Member Advice Centre has been a valuable information source allowing us to make informed decisions on road safety and operator licence compliance."

Tom Henderson

Service Manager Fleet Operations

Fife Council

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