Road Operator Membership

Road Operator Membership is for all organisations that operate their own goods vehicles. Whether you have just one HGV, a fleet of vans or a multi-national mixed fleet, this membership is for you.

Road Operator Membership

Logistics UK's Road Operator Membership is designed to unlock access to a range of information, support, products and services to ensure that you are connected to the industry and compliant with governing regulations while being confident in the efficiency and success of your transport function.


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Benefit from...

Access to the Member Advice Centre

Answering over 30,000 transport related calls a year, our Member Advice Centre (MAC) is a free service for Logistics UK members that provides access to our transport advisors. Our team will offer you expert advice and answers on your legal and operational questions from drivers' hours and working times through to vehicle maintenance standards and current legislation. 

A yearly copy of the Yearbook of Road Transport Law

Our Yearbook of Road Transport Law is your essential reference guide for in-depth information on road transport legislation. The yearbook is easy to use and designed to keep your operation fully compliant and up to date with any legal changes. As a Logistics UK member, you will receive a free copy of the yearbook at the beginning of every year.

Weekly news and updates on industry developments

Receive weekly newsletters from our policy team updating you on crucial industry developments, legislation changes and compliance matters. Choose from enews, enews extra and van enews, or benefit from instant traffic and weather alerts to give you real-time news and information about any possible incidents or congestion on your route.


Member-only access to online compliance and advice

Our position within the industry ensures we have a wide and trusted knowledge base. Keep ahead of new legislation, implement best practice and access a wealth of knowledge and expertise with our member-only website content and online compliance and advice. You will also gain member-only access to government consultation responses.




A weekly digital-only copy of the Logistics Magazine

Covering the whole of the logistics industry and supply chain, Logistics Magazine tackles issues facing the industry – decarbonisation, innovation and automation – as well as the compliance issues so critical to the safety of all transport operations.

Exclusive discounts on a range of products and services

Logistics UK members get exclusive savings and typically pay 40% less than non-members across a range of our products and services including Logistics UK Shopvehicle inspectionstachograph services, training courses, events and more.

Access to Freight Councils and working groups

Our Freight Councils offer members the opportunity to get actively involved in influencing Logistics UK’s policy agenda. Forge new industry connections and learn about, input and help shape the future of logistics.

Regular member briefings and webinars

Available exclusively for members, our member briefings provide you with valuable information on key legislative changes and issues affecting the industry, including sessions from our experts at the MAC and key speakers from government agencies.


A dedicated account manager

Your membership includes a dedicated Membership Relations Manager who is able to support you with any enquiries or questions you may have.

Member logos and stickers

Let your contacts know that you are a member of Logistics UK and download our member logo to use on your company stationery and website. 

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Tailor your membership package with these add on subscriptions

Additional Depot Membership

Additional Depot Membership is a cost-effective way of gaining full membership to Logistics UK as a depot of a full fee-paying organisation. 


European Road Freight Service

A subscription service available for all those involved in operating vehicles in and out of mainland Europe and beyond.


Manager's Guide to Distribution Costs

This annual guide lets you effectively monitor your transport costs using expert advice and quarterly updates on wages trends, vehicle operating costs and haulage rate trends, as well as forecasts and information on warehouse costs and how to manage fuel costs.  


Operator Licence Compliance and Information Service

OLCIS is designed for all those that are tasked with the operation of their organisation's operator licensed vehicle fleet. 


What our members say...

Tesco is proud to have been a member of Logistics UK for over 60 years. We see our association with the organisation as more than a membership – it’s a partnership that has supported our ambition to maintain the highest level of compliance. Our contribution to Freight Councils helps the business collaborate and engage on changes which affect our operation and the wider haulage industry. Logistics UK has always been a valuable source of guidance and advice, in the form of expert training, informative conferences, and the skilled team at the Member Advice Centre.

James Adcroft

Transport Compliance Manager


Damm Environmental has been a member of Logistics UK for over 10 years. In that time, Logistics UK have been a proven asset to our transport department, keeping us up to date with current legislation and constantly updating the systems we have in place. We would not hesitate to recommend membership to those considering it.

Jon-Paul Jensen

Transport Manager

Damm Environmental