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Logistics UK’s Member Advice Centre (MAC) is a telephone service for Logistics UK members that provides access to our transport advisors. Our team will offer you expert advice and answers on your legal and operational questions from drivers' hours and working time through to vehicle maintenance standards and current legislation. 

The latest advice from the MAC 

Take a look at three of the most recent questions our MAC team have encountered ...


Q) Can you provide some clarity on the requirements to wear seat belts? Can you confirm whether our environmental operatives when handling waste are exempt from wearing a seat belt whilst delivering/collecting waste door to door?

A) The Motor Vehicles (Wearing of Seat Belts) (Amendment) Regulations 2005 state that the requirement to wear a seat belt does not apply to “the driver of or a passenger in a motor vehicle constructed or adapted for carrying goods, while on a journey which does not exceed 50 metres, and which is undertaken for the purpose of delivering or collecting anything”.

Therefore, if the driver is delivering or collecting goods and is travelling no more than 50 metres between stops, there is no legal requirement to wear a seat belt.

As always, we would suggest that a thorough risk assessment is conducted if choosing to use this exemption, as the employer still has legal obligations under health and safety law, in addition to their duty of care towards their employees.


Q) We have vehicles which are fitted with tachograph units; however, they are not used.

Is there a requirement for these vehicles to be presented every 2 years for a tachograph inspection or recalibration?

A) Where a tachograph is fitted to a vehicle (subject to the domestic rules but is not used to produce a legally required record), the operator and driver should ensure that the tachograph is properly calibrated and sealed. The tachograph does not have to be recalibrated, provided the seals remain intact and the vehicle remains out of scope of the EU rules.


Q) We are after some advice on using a forklift truck that moves on the road from site to site. Does the forklift truck need to be registered with DVLA, and are there any other requirements?

A) For a forklift truck to be used on a public highway, the vehicle must meet the Construction & Use Regulations requirement for that type of vehicle. In this case, the vehicle must have headlights, tail and brake lights, indicators number plate light and a horn. The vehicle would also have to be registered with DVLA and have road tax.


How can I access more advice? 

Visit our Compliance and Advice area online where members can access detailed information including sections from our Yearbook of Road Transport Law

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