Logistics UK’s members operate more than half of the UK’s HGV fleet and more than one million vans. As well as representing members’ views in lobbying work with policy makers, Logistics UK provides compliance training, advice and certification to keep Britain’s fleets on the road.

Compliance & Advice

Logistics UK understands the challenge that road transport operators face with keeping up-to-date with, and on top of regularly changing legislation and developments within transport policy.  Our members can access a range of detailed information, guidance and support to apply to their road transport operations.

From compliance advice on adhering to your O licence requirements and support on the latest updates to drivers' hours rules to best practice guidance on increasing your fuel efficiency, there is valuable easy-to-understand advice available.

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Road Operator Membership

Road Operator Membership is for all organisations that operate their own goods vehicles. Whether you have just one HGV, a fleet of vans or a multi-national mixed fleet, this membership is for you. 

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Like many human activities the transportation of goods from A to B by rail, water, road or air all of it has an impact on the environment. Some modes more damaging than others, but the Logistics UK works with all to reduce their effect. 


Van Fleets

Do you operate one or more vans? Find out more about how Logistics UK can support your van operation including the latest news affecting the van sector.



Find out what we are doing to help members reduce the burden of fuel duty. Logistics UK members can also keep updated with bulk and forecourt fuel prices and access our Fuel Price Information service and Logistics UK Fuel Card.


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