Logistics UK and fuel

Logistics UK is at the forefront of supporting our members and the wider logistics industry in reducing the burden of rising fuel duty. Our policy team are actively involved in lobbying Government to cut fuel duty in order to boost the UK economy.  We also provide members with weekly fuel price information, advice on increasing fuel efficiency and offer services to help operators manage and lower costs related to fuel.

Logistics UK on reducing fuel duty

Logistics UK urges Government to cut fuel duty to boost UK economic activity.  

Logistics UK calls on the Government to take the opportunity to boost the economy by introducing a reduction in fuel duty by 3 pence per litre...


Fuel Price Information Service

Receive daily or weekly advice from top industry experts and ensure you are saving on fuel purchases.

Control and benchmark your transport costs with this service in partnership with Portland Fuel.


Logistics UK Fuel Card

Benefit from extensive cost savings of up to 10p per litre, fixed diesel prices, and peace of mind knowing you are in control of your fleet and reducing your costs administration time.