Debrief Dashboard

Tuesday 27 July 2021

The Debrief dashboard will be available on our next release. It has been designed to help you monitor how debriefs are managed within your company through the Vision debrief feature. It helps you identify if your colleagues are following the processes you have introduced to ensure drivers are aware of their infringements and understand how to stop them from happening in the future.

The debrief process should not just be about “ticking off” an infringement, it should help your drivers to decrease the number of contraventions they receive. We would suggest that in your process you encourage those carrying out driver debriefs to add comments to each infringement saying what went wrong and adding a solution to stop it happening again. We would also recommend that you adopt the Micro training feature so that drivers are able to view a relevant training video to help them better understand what caused their infringement and how to stop that happening in the future.

The debrief dashboard illustrates how well these processes have been followed and clearly illustrates through bar graphs, trend graphs and tables where attention is required.

To access the dashboard, click New tachograph dashboard and select the Debrief dashboard tile:

The overview page gives a summary of the debrief process results. You can edit the screen to view results for a specific date range, location, driver, or infringement type. The screen can also be changed to view the information for reporting hierarchies if you have these set up:

The trend graph can show “at a glance” if debriefs are working towards reducing infringements, as well as showing if processes are being followed including adding comments to each infringement during the debrief process:

Finally, the debrief table gives specific details on types of infringements debriefed and displays where Micro training videos have been watched and can be viewed at group, location or driver level and can drill to show results within a specified date range. The date range throughout the dashboard screens reflects the date the infringement occurred not the date of the debrief.

If you would like more information regarding Micro training please contact your Membership relationship manager, or contract manager or call our customer services team on 03717112222