TruckPol is the nationwide police intelligence service based near Coventry, which collates, analyses and publishes information on all aspects of road freight crime.

Originally set up by the Metropolitan Police in April 2003, the unit's intelligence is based on input from various sources including police forces, insurers and vehicle operators. Its work is supported financially by a number of industry sponsors with matching funding provided by the Home Office. TruckPol is currently a unit within the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (VCIS).

Members are encouraged to submit information on incidents of vehicle-related crime to TruckPol. This helps the unit to obtain a national perspective in its strategic overview of road freight crime and to provide a national database of stolen freight. Unfortunately the database is not a definitive list of all road freight crime as not all crime is reported to the police and not all police forces report their crime details to TruckPol. Another obstacle to accurate crime reporting is that not all police forces categorise certain offences in the same way.

Nevertheless, the crimes that are reported to TruckPol give a starting point to the value of vehicles and loads stolen in the UK. For example, the following figures relate to the third quarter of 2006.

Item Value

Vehicles' value: £7,475,600

Loads' value: £25,613,538

Combined value: £33,089,138

Interestingly, these figures equate to an average loss per incident in excess of £39,000! Operators should have a crime prevention plan in place and ensure that drivers always check with their depot or transport office if asked to deliver to an address which is different to that on the delivery note - it could be a scam to relieve the driver of his/her load.

More information about TruckPol can be found at

How to report crime

  • If you discover a crime in progress, dial 999
  • If the villains are no longer on site, contact your local police station and request a crime number
  • If anyone has information about a crime or has seen someone acting in suspicious circumstances which they would like to report contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Alternatively, if you would prefer us to report an incident on your behalf, Logistics UK's manager of lorry and load theft issues is Donald Armour, tel: 01892 55 2261, fax: 01892 534 989, e-mail: