PCN's displayed in Vision

It is now possible to view penalty charge notices (PCN’s) within Vision. This service is currently available for those companies that use PCN Admin services and have access to Vision.

The service comprises the ability to view PCNs vehicle by vehicle through the profile as well as an option to see a summary or Overview of all PCN’s incurred for those vehicles in locations for which you have responsibility.

An icon will also be displayed on the vehicle calendar on dates where a PCN occurred.

You will also be able to view details of your PCNs as well as being able to assign a driver name to each one when required.

In summary this gives companies using PCN administration a much better day to day visibility of their PCN’s as well as giving them the option to add the driver responsible which in turn will give them the ability to manage the PCNs and reduce the costs they incur.

Companies that have access to Vision, but do not take the PCN Administration service, will see the PCN option available in Vision. When they click on either the PCN tab in the vehicle profile or the “Overview” button in the Manage my fleet page they will see information describing the PCN service.

Using the PCN Feature

Log in to Vision and navigate to the Manage my Fleet page. Once here click the Overview button and select PCN Overview.

This will display a summary of all the PCNs incurred over the last 16 months, by vehicles that you have access to view:
You can use the search facility to find specific PCN’s or vehicles as well as searching by specific depot locations:

The vehicle preference setting also allows you to select the types of vehicles you want to view.
Details of a particular PCN includig any images added can be viewed by clicking on “View PCN”:
You can link to the vehicle profile by selecting the vehicle icon.
To view PCN details click “Full Profile” and select the PCN tab. Details of all PCN’s incurred by that vehicle will be displayed along with an option to view details of specific PCNs.
An icon will be displayed on the vehicle calendar on the date that the offence occurred and will be shown in blue when it is open, i.e. still being dealt with, or in grey when it has been closed, i.e. paid or cancelled.
Clicking the icon will display the PCN detail.