Driver Debrief has been improved

In response to customer demand we have now improved our permissions based feature which will allows you to debrief your drivers’ infringements electronically through Vision.

New features include:

  • Ability to set customised debrief levels based on your disciplinary process.
  • Debrief module includes information about the last debrief, when it took place, performance rating, debrief level and access to the last Debrief report
  • View of how many times a particular infringement has appeared in a debrief for that driver
  • View of how many times the infringement has occurred for that driver since their debrief process began
  • Ability to set alerts to let me know:
    • When the next debrief is due
    • If the drivers overall performance drops below a certain amount
    • If the driver incurs a number of particular infringements or any infringements

If you already have access to the driver debrief, there is no need to do anything, just carry on using the new version. If you do not have access to driver debrief, contact

Another new feature allows you to configure your own debrief levels. To enable permissions for this contact