Vehicle registration error

The vehicle upload process has been improved to recognise when there are unusual characters in a vehicle registration number.

If a vehicle has been calibrated with a space or symbols that do not actually appear in the registration, our upload process will now truncate the number to display it correctly in Vision without the unnecessary gap or symbol.

A new, dismissible alert will be shown which will highlight which vehicles have been calibrated with an incorrect registration. We recommend in these circumstances that the vehicle is returned to the workshop and that the registration details are updated.

The alert will only be displayed when an upload takes place from a vehicle that has a registration calibrated with incorrect characters or spaces.

If the vehicle has been uploaded prior to these changes and appears in Manage my fleet with a space between the characters, any uploads that take place after 18:00 on 19/04/17 may create the vehicle again, albeit without the space in the registration. If the registration is still set incorrectly in the tachograph head then a “Vehicle registration error” alert will be displayed.

In these circumstances it is important to re upload files for that vehicle so that the data sits on the correct registration, and then make the registration containing the spaces inactive.

To view the alert select Vehicle registration error on either the Home page or the alert bell:


The alert will show you what the upload process has truncated the registration to and what it actually looks like in the vehicle unit:

Select “Dismiss” to remove the alert.

Please note: The alert will show again if the alert is dismissed, new data for the vehicle is uploaded, and the registration has not been updated in the tachograph head.