CDU Online switch over

From 1st November 2016 we will be replacing CDU Online with our most up-to-date Drivers' Hours Management and Analysis Software, Vision. This will give you access to our new, innovative product offering you all the same functions you benefited from in CDU Online, with the addition of a whole new range of intuitive features, making it much easier and faster to manage, control and analyse your data. Be assured that all your data displayed in CDU Online will be available for you to view and access in Vision.

You can access Vision by going to Your username and password are the same as those used for CDU Online.

Vision features include:
Configurable alerts to help manage driver and vehicle compliance
An ‘Online Driver Debrief’ function which includes a library of all debriefs undertaken giving you clear visibility of your drivers’ progress
Driver performance measured to ensure compliance over multiple KPIs and identify potential risk-drivers using the Performance overview
Access to reports displaying live information, making it easier to monitor and manage your drivers
Faster and easier manual entry offering straight-forward template creation as well as manual entry across multiple drivers to address working-time rules
Licence checking integration with our affinity partners, Licence Bureau, giving you one access point to view all your critical licence information
DCPC tracker available for all drivers to support you in managing your drivers' training times
Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) integration displaying all your inspections and alerts you to areas that require immediate attention
PCN Administration Service integration shows PCNs against vehicles and drivers making it easier for you to monitor and prevent reoccurrence
The holding area will be activated on your account on 1 November 2016; information relating to any new drivers and vehicles uploaded following that date will be available to view via the Holding page tile on the homepage. The attached document will help you to use this feature effectively going forward  view Managing the Holding area

You may continue to upload your driver card data to FTA using your current method, however, if you use a desktop card reader via your computer there is a much improved uploader which can be installed using the following link

Please note that if you continue to use your current FTA uploader method and have On Demand Analysis activated, your new drivers will bypass the Holding Area and be imported directly in Vision as they did previously in CDU Online.

The Vision Uploader gives you the benefit of an instant card check without the need to upload the data to FTA (ideal for agency drivers), as well as full analysis including forward looking hours to effectively manage your drivers' remaining driving and working hours. We believe this will be a seamless and beneficial transition, however if you need further support, help and guidance then information can be found here and here . Alternatively you can call us at 01892 552377 or email us on