Assign a journey

DVSA highlight that companies must be able to give an explanation where there is a mileage discrepancy when either an analogue chart or a driver card is not inserted when a vehicle has been driven. They recognise that there are plenty of circumstances where this is legal but want proof that each instance has been examined and can be explained.

The assign journey feature allows you to carry out this procedure electronically and will update any KM discrepancy reporting by highlighting those KMs that have not been assigned either to a journey or a driver.

To enable this alert you will need to contact

Setting up your alerts

To switch on the alert go to Vision admin and select the Alert settings tile:
Click the assign journey to “on” and then allocate the number of KMs discrepancy you will and theallow before being alerted.
and then add your journey names by typing in the name and clicking “add”
Once you have added the details click save and return to Vision.

Assigning a journey

Discrepancies are highlighted on the Home page in the alerts section:
Click the alert which will take you to the page where you can assign a journey
The alert will display the details of when the discrepancy took place and on which vehicle. If the data has come from a digital vehicle you can also link to the vehicle calendar and the day detail page to see the context of the discrepancy as well as being able to view the vehicle profile and being able to assign a driver.

Assign Driver- Digital

If the KM discrepancy has come from a digital vehicle where no card has been inserted, you will also have the opportunity to assign a driver to those activities.
Click “Assign Driver” button and select the driver and then the activities that they are responsible for.

Select save.

Assigning a journey- digital

Click on the alert and select the data that you would like to assign the journey to. If you want to look at the activity in detail click the calendar Icon

This will take you to the day detail.
Once you are ready to assign a journey, close the detail page, and link back to the alert by clicking on the Back to alerts button at the top of the page.

Assign the journey by clicking on the “Journey Assign” button and selecting the appropriate journey type and clicking accept. The alert will be removed from the page.

Displaying assigned information- Digital data

Where journeys or drivers have been assigned to digital data you will see these results in the Manage my driver pages, Driver calendar and day detail. Where a driver has been assigned the data will be displayed in purple, where a journey has been assigned the data will be displayed in orange. When both journey and driver have been assigned the data will be displayed in purple. Details of the journey type and driver will be available on the day detail page and through tool tips

Digital data- reports

When journeys and drivers have been assigned this information will be displayed in a new section of the Driver card exception report called Assigned data. This will display the details of the driver and or the journey type in the assigned data section. Where a journey has been assigned this will be displayed in orange, where a driver has beeen assigned this will be displayed in purple and where both a journey and driver are assigned this will be shown as purple.

The vehicle driving summary report will also include an extra column displaying where journies have been assigned

Assigning a journey- analogue data

Vision does not store information relating to analogue vehicles so when discrepancies arise for these vehicles you will only see the journey assigned on the Vehicle Discontinuity report.
Click the alert and select a journey for the discrepancy you want to update.
Once you have selected the correct journey type, select accept
The alert will be removed from the page but the details that you have assigned to it will be displayed on the Vehicle discontinuity report

Removing the alert

If you don’t want to allocate a journey or a driver to the KM discrepancy, click Accept to remove the alert.