Alerts and notifications

Alerts and notification screens are a brand new feature added to Visionfta. Alerts will be shown for all active drivers within the locations that you have permissions to view.

For our first release the following alerts have been added:

  • Driver cards that have already expired
  • Driver cards due to expire within the next 42 days
  • Drivers who have not uploaded their cards either with company (set in Gateway) or legal parameters (28 days)

Access to the alerts pages

  • You can access the alerts and notifications pages in two ways.

Home page

Log into Visionfta and go to the Home page where you will see a list of alerts and notifications. All the alerts available will be listed and the number of drivers effected by each warning will be shown. If no drivers are effected, the alert will still be listed but there will be a 0 next to it.

Clicking on the alert will take you to the alerts page for that particular warning.

Bell icon

On the top left hand side of the screen you will notice a bell icon. The number of outstanding alerts or notifications will be displayed over it. If there are no outstanding alerts a green tick will be shown.

The bell is visible from any of the screens within Visionfta. When you click on the bell, a dropdown will only show those alerts that you have warnings against.

Clicking on the alert will take you to the alerts page for that particular warning.

Alerts pages

Each alert has its own page listing those drivers who require attention. The page will display a heading showing which alert information is being displayed and will also show a list of all alerts available. The alert you are viewing will be selected. If you want to change this, simply select one of the other options.

When first displayed this page will always display the driver with the “worst” problem.

You can change the search by selecting a location or a specific driver. The sorting of alerts can also be changed by clicking on any of the headers at the top of the column.

Clicking on the driver profile or driver calendar icon adjacent to the drivers name will take you straight to those screens so that you can examine the warning in more detail or adjust the data to remove it.

Removing the Alert

Card Expired or Due to expire

If the card belongs to a driver who is no longer employed by the company click on the driver profile icon next to the driver name and either add in a leaving date for the driver that is earlier than the current date or under status select “inactive”

If the driver is still employed at your company ensure that he uploads his most recent card as soon as possible.

This will automatically adjust the card expiry date and remove the driver from the alerts list.

Driver card not uploaded

As explained above, if the driver has not uploaded their card within legal or company parameters, and is no longer employed by the company then follow the procedure above to make them inactive.

If the driver is still working for the company but is only driving occasionally you can change their status to “Away”.

This will ensure that they no longer appear on driver card upload alerts. Follow the procedure illustrated above and select “Away” as the driver status.

If the driver still works for the company and is regularly driving you must ensure that they upload their card as soon as possible to comply with legislation.