Over speed report

This report is ONLY available when detailed speed is part of the VU download and is designed to display when a driver has exceeded a speed limiter speed.

The report is updated as the VU files are uploaded, and according to the filter selected will display the driver name, the date and time that the top speed took place, along with the top speed, average and the length of time the speed was maintained.

Select a speed limit of 90KPH, 100KPH or 113KPH to display by exception those drivers, dates and times when the vehicle exceeded the selected limit.

The driver section will be marked as unknown no card has been inserted or the driver using the vehicle is not one associated with your account.

Filters on the report parameters give you the option to select the speed limit over which you would not expect to see your vehicles to exceed. Options include 90KPH, 100KPH and 113KPH