New Vision Home page

The Vision Home page has a brand new look:

You can still use this page to access your main Vision screens and dashboards by either clicking the tiles illustrated below:

Or by using the tool bar at the side of Vision from where Vision Admin can now be accessed:

The alerts and holding area can be accessed by using the panel illustrated below:

Priority alerts will always be displayed. Click “Driver alerts” or “Fleet alerts” to display all your other alert information.


Fuel prices

The average fuel price tile has been added to keep you abreast of prices on a daily basis and can be expanded to see how prices are tracking. Click the icon highlighted below to display both bulk and forecourt prices:


Compliance confidence index

The compliance confidence index (CCI) is designed to help you target areas within compliance where your organisation may have weaknesses. The score represents the degree to which your organisation is covered over a number of areas of compliance. If there are gaps FTA will recommend services that may help you to cover those areas.

To find out more about the CCI contact your Membership relationship manager or Member services on 03717 112222