Set up Statutory Hols

This feature has been developed to allow you to set up your company holiday calendar so that Vision can count up statutory holidays, changing them to extra holidays once the statutory entitlement, as specified on this page, is used up.

The number of statutory holidays affects how the working time is calculated. 

The legislation specifies that drivers under the Road Transport Directive are entitled to 20 days statutory holiday. Each of these holidays add 8 hours to the working time calculation or 48 hours when a fixed weeks statutory holiday is added. If you give your drivers more than 20 days, for example 28 days, the first 20 days added to Vision would be counted as statutory and add 8 hours per day to your working time calculation, and the last 8 would be counted as extra holiday and would have 0 hours added to the working time calculation.

To set your companies holiday entitlement contact to have the correct permissions enabled. 

Open Vision and go to the Vision Admin pages:

Select account settings:

Switch holiday allocation on:

You can choose to add the total number of statutory holidays your drivers are awarded each holiday year, (never more than 20) or you could add in the number of statutory holidays you would like to allocate for your drivers for each fixed reference period. You cannot allocate holidays per reference period if your calculations are made across rolling reference periods. In these circumstances holiday allocation would be calculated across a fixed year (1st Jan-31st December). Where rolling reference periods are used we would recommend that you set requirements as per the holiday year.

To add holiday allocation per reference period, first add in the number of statutory holidays that should be allocated per reference period and then select “Use my reference period”

To set the statutory holiday allocation as per your company’s holiday calendar, add in the total number of statutory holidays allocated per driver per holiday year (this figure should be 20), then click “specify the start date of your companies 12 month holiday period” and add in the relevant dates:

When adding holidays to drivers in Vision, once the specified number of statutory holidays have been allocated within either the reference period or in the holiday year then all subsequent holidays added will be shown as extra holidays. Vision will automatically change the holiday type selected dependent on whether or not the statutory allocation has been used up, for example if you try to add statutory holiday once the allocation has been used up Vision will change the entry to extra holiday. Equally, if you try to add extra holiday before the statutory holiday is used up the system will automatically change the extra holiday to statutory holiday.