Auto alert dismissal setting

The Vision admin page now includes an option to allow you to set up auto dismissal of alerts. The number of days is based on the creation date of the alert as opposed to the date on which the event occurred.
Alerts affected include:

  • Shifts in excess of 20 hours
  • Clashing data
  • Vehicles moved without a card inserted

To access the settings go to Vision admin and select “Alert settings”:

Select the “Auto alerts dismissal” tab:

Select those alerts that you would like to be dismissed automatically by ticking the box adjacent to the alert:

You can select multiple or individual alerts dependent on whether you would like to set the same or different parameters.

Click on the auto dismiss drop down

Select the number of days after which you would like the alert to dismiss. (Alert dismissal days are based on the number of days after which the alert was created not the date the event occurred.)

Select “save”

If you would like the policy to be activated against your existing alerts select “apply policy now”.

If you do not select this option the policy will be enabled on alerts created from the current date.
To amend the policy set, click on the auto dismissal drop down and select “clear manually” or on the number of days required and “save”.