Import page changes

The import page has been updated for customers that have the Holding area enabled.

Although it has a slightly different look, it works in a very similar way to the old page, however you will benefit from all the latest developments in the upload process including backfilling of driver card and soon to come , VU data as well as seeing your data in Vision within seconds of the upload. The new process also highlights where files are corrupt and cannot be uploaded which gives you an opportunity to carry out further investigation.

The first time you use it you will need to add an upload location. After that the page will default to use that location every time you upload.

Once you have selected the upload location either drag and drop or choose the files you want to import into Vision.

Then click on send files. The bar will remain red until the upload is complete.

Your data will appear in Vision within seconds if the driver or vehicle already exists on your account. If it is the first time you have imported activities for the vehicle or driver the details will go to the holding area.