Holding Area

This feature has been designed to give you more control of new driver card uploads or new vehicle uploads. It also ensures that you are on the very latest and most efficient import process which means your other data will upload directly to Vision, so will be available to view sooner.

When set, drivers will no longer be requested to add information via the FTA uploader, Vision uploader, import page or Digipostpro. Details for that new driver will be manually added through a new alerts page in Vision.
Once the feature is enabled when a new driver uploads there card or a new vehicle is uploaded you will receive an alert

Click on the alert to link to either the new driver or new vehicle holding area
 You will only see details in the holding area for drivers or vehicles that have an upload location that corresponds to the locations which for which you are responsible.

The Holding area will also include details of the last vehicle/driver along with the relevant depot location if it already exists on Vision.

In addition if you upload the driver card through the Vision Uploader or via the latest remote web interface the latest card file will be available. Double click on the icon to open the raw data file
Select a driver by clicking on the driver profile icon which open up the modal
Add data in to all those areas highlighted in red and select save
The driver or vehicle will no longer appear on the new alerts page. The details and the relevant data will be transferred over to Vision for analysis.

Clicking on the "new vehicle" alert will take you to a similar page displaying those vehicles that have not yet been allocated to a location. Follow the same procedure to release the vehicles from the Holding area.