Generic import- Collision data

Vision can now be used to import and display collision information for existing and new drivers regardless of whether they have tachograph analysis carried out by FTA or not.

The information is added by the company to a pre- defined template and uploaded to Vision where the information is displayed on a new collision overview page and on the driver profile under the collision tab as well as on the Performance overview and Performance overview report

Uploading the data
To use the collision import feature first contact to have the correct role activated.

Go to the import page by either selecting the Import tile on the Home page or by selecting the import icon on the left hand side of the screen.

Click on the drop down box and select Collision data

Download a copy of the CSV template shown below

The file downloaded includes a “read me” document. This shows you the format required for each column as well as highlighting which of the fields are mandatory:

Open the template document and complete the relevant fields and then save. The document must be saved in a CSV format.

Click next, then click “choose files” and select the completed template, and then click “send files to FTA”

As the files are uploaded then you will be taken to the “File Import Results” page to view the progress.
If the import is successful the job status will be displayed as “Import Complete”

If there is a problem the job status will be “File rejected” and you will see the an option to “View rejection Reasons” Clicking this will explain what has been rejected so that you can update the template and re import it

If a location has been added incorrectly you will be able to update this on the import page by clicking “correct errors” and updating the template

When the data has been uploaded successfully the drivers and their records will be updated in Vision

Viewing Collision data

Collision information can be accessed in Vision in the driver profile, the Collision overview and on the Performance overview and overview reports.

Log into Vision and on the Home page select “Driver” either on the tile or on the menu options on the side bar

Click the “Overview” button, and select “Collisions overview”

To get more information about a specific event, click the driver profile icon, indicated below, then select full profile and Collisions.

To see Performance overview, click overview and select Performance overview. Details of the number of collisions can be seen on the page and in the Performance reports: