Vehicle inspections added to Vision

It is now possible to view your individual vehicle inspections within Vision. This service is currently available for those companies that use FTA for tachograph analysis and Vehicle inspection services (VIS) and are in the VIS super user group which allows you to see all the VIS locations which may differ from your tachograph locations.

You should also have permission to view audits and inspections. As a result, the number of locations that you can see within Vision may increase. The location will remain available for as long as there is an inspection attached to it.

(Please note, VIS locations relate to the location at which the inspection took place, not necessarily the location that the vehicle is attached to)

The service comprises the ability to view your inspections vehicle by vehicle through the profile as well as in the vehicle calendar. An icon will also be displayed on the vehicle calendar on dates where an inspection has occurred.

In summary this gives companies using both FTA tachograph analysis VIS a clear view of vehicle compliance in both tachograph regulations and maintenance.

Companies that just take tachograph analysis will see the option in Vision. In these circumstances when you click on the inspection button in either the calendar or the profile page you will see infomercial on VIS.

Using the Inspection feature

Log into Vision and navigate to the Manage my fleet page.

Search for a vehicle whose inspections you want to view by typing in either the vehicle reg or fleet number in the search bar:

Then click the vehicle profile icon adjacent to the registration:

Select “Full profile” and then “Inspections”

This will display a list of all inspections either planned or completed. Reports for each completed inspection are available by clicking on the “View inspection” button:
Return to the vehicle profile by selecting the “Profile” button.

The “Completed” section will also display the number of defects found divided into “safety” and other, display OCRS points incurred as well as colour coding the inspection with regards to the severity of issues found as follows:
Green- No defects found
Blue- non safety related defects found
Yellow- minor defects found
Amber- major defects found
Red- Severe defects found

Both completed and planned inspections are displayed on the calendar for each vehicle using a spanner icon coloured according to the severity of defects found as described above. You can access the vehicle calendar by clicking on the “Calendar” button on the vehicle profile or by selecting the calendar icon adjacent to the vehicle registration on the Manage my fleet page

Clicking on the spanner will take you to the inspection report for that vehicle on that day.
You will also see an “Inspection” button at the top of the Calendar. Clicking this will take you to the inspection profile page as described above.

The vehicle profile, and details of the inspection report can also be accessed by clicking on the vehicle alerts found on the home page

Once on the alert page, click on “view” to display the inspection report.

Click on the “bell” at the top of the page to return to alerts, or the “Profile” button to return to the vehicle profile.