Training and DCPC tracker added to Vision

Vision now includes a training profile for all drivers that currently exist on Vision. This will be automatically populated with courses carried out by FTA training including dates, and the number of hours that the course contributes to the 35 hours required. Once imported the course detail will only be updated by FTA. Non DCPC courses will also be shown in the training table.

Courses taken by drivers that are not carried out by FTA can be added and edited when you have the correct permission enabled. Contact to get this role.

The DCPC period will appear at the top of the page and can be edited provided you have the “Edit DCPC” role enabled. A countdown of training hours completed within that period is displayed graphically at the top of the screen.

To access the training page go to Manage my drivers and select the driver profile. The first time you open the full profile, details on how to use the training tab will be displayed.

Once you have read this close the page by clicking on the cross, then click on the training tab. If you want to view the step by step guide again click on the “?” set within the training page.

If the driver has attended FTA training courses and currently exists within Vision, then the courses will automatically display and be updated in the training table.

If the course contributes to the DCPC, these hours will be displayed in the graph at the top of the page once the course status is changed to “Complete”

The drivers DCPC dates will default to the Standard, but can be edited, provided you have the "Edit DCPC" role, by clicking here:

Adding a course

To add a “none FTA” course first ensure you have the “Edit DCPC” role, and then click the “add/edit” button:

Add the course details to the window along with the status; booked, cancelled, or completed. You must also check the CPC box if the course contributes to the DCPC total. Only completed DCPC courses will be included in the totals.

DCPC overview

You can view the DCPC progress of all your drivers by selecting the DCPC overview button in the driver profile or by selecting the DCPC overview from the “Overview” button on the Manage my drivers’ page.
All the drivers that you are responsible for, and who currently exist within Vision will be displayed on the page ordered at the top by the driver who has had the least amount of training completed. All the columns are sortable so you can arrange the view to suit your own requirements. 


As the driver gets towards the end of their DCPC period, alerts will display on the Home page and on the bell at the top of the screen, highlighting those drivers that have more than 40% of their training to do within 6 months or less.

Click on the alert to display the details for each driver and link back to the driver by clicking on the profile icon. As the driver completes more hours of training, they will be removed from the alerts page.