Driving safety tips for fog

You should always drive safely within the prevailing conditions, which essentially means driving at an appropriate speed to stop within the distance which you can see to be clear. Remember the following.

  • Check your mirrors, slow down, keep a safe distance. You should always be able to pull up within your range of vision.
  • Do not chase another vehicle simply to keep its tail lights in sight. It may be going too fast for safety. Equally, don’t speed up to try and get away from a following vehicle’s lights.
  • Watch your speed. Fog affects your judgement of speed and it is easy to speed up without realising it.
  • Remember your heavy goods vehicle may take longer to pull up than the vehicle ahead.
  • Observe warning signals - they’re there to help and protect you.
  • See and be seen. Use your headlamps or front and rear fog lamps in cases of seriously reduced visibility. Use your windscreen wipers and washers.
  • Check that your lamps, reflective markings, windscreen and windows are clean, and that your light indicators are working.
  • Remember that fog can drift rapidly and may be patchy.
  • Fog can be even more hazardous after dark.
  • When unavoidably driving in fog, allow more time for the journey.

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