Driving in floods

HGV driving safety tips for floods

Here's some advice for driving in flood conditions.

  • Allow more time for your journey.
  • Obtain weather information before you set off and keep up to date with changing conditions and closed routes via the radio or by regularly calling into base (you can also view the traffic alerts section).
  • Heavy rain can reduce visibility dramatically - ensure your wipers are clearing your windscreen properly and the de-misters are effective before you set off.
  • Make sure that all spray suppression equipment (mud flaps) on your vehicle is secure and operating.
  • Lower your speed and keep a good distance from other vehicles - allow at least twice as much separation distance as you would in dry conditions.
  • Allow for the fact other drivers will have more difficulty seeing when there is heavy rain or spray and that they may get into difficulties.
  • All braking must be gentle and over much longer distances, especially when driving articulated vehicles or those with a trailer attached.
  • Avoid any sudden braking, steering or acceleration.
  • Never attempt to drive through a flooded area, unless you are certain of the depth of the water and that conditions allow it to be done safely.
  • Always check your breaks gently if you have driven through water.
  • Take care when driving on or off gradients, when driving on off-road sites and when getting down from the cab.

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