Vehicle testing

DVSA vehicle testing

The Driver and Vehicle Services Agency (DVSA) undertakes vehicle tests and issues a certificate on completion of the annual test. A vehicle that fails on any of the items set by DVSA must be re-tested. You may have the chance to repair minor faults at the DVSA site and pass after 'rectification at the station' rather than returning to re-test.


When must I get my vehicles tested?

Goods vehicles exceeding 3.5t maximum authorised mass (MAM) must normally take their initial test before the end of the first anniversary month of their date of registration. For example, a vehicle registered in May 2023 must be submitted for test by 31 May 2024. For trailers and semi-trailers the relevant date is when the chassis was first sold or supplied by retail even though it might not have been put into operation immediately, for example if it was subsequently sent to bodybuilders. In all cases, the DfT can authorise different dates before or after the specified time. 

After initial plating and testing, vehicles and trailers have to be tested annually, either by the anniversary of the first examination or by the expiry of the current test certificate.  

Twelve month certificates are now issued regardless of the expiry date of the previous certificate. Expiry dates continue to be the last day of the month. The only exception to this rule is that a test certificate will be issued with a longer period of validity if a vehicle or trailer is brought for a test up to two months prior to the expiry of the current certificate.