Summer Driving Restrictions in Germany

Routes affected by the ban

All autobahns and federal highways.

Sunday traffic ban

The traffic ban applying to the entire road network on Sundays and public holidays between midnight and 22.00 remains unaffected by the above arrangement.

Special permits

Applications must be submitted to the road traffic authority responsible for the border crossing point concerned.

General exemptions

The ban does not apply to

  • combined rail/road goods transport from the consignor to the nearest loading station or from the nearest unloading station to the consignee
  • combined port/road goods transport between the place of loading or unloading and a port situated within a maximum radius of 150 kilometres (initial or terminal haul)
  • the transport of
    • fresh milk and fresh milk products
    • fresh meat and fresh meat products
    • fresh fish, live fish and fresh fish products
    • perishable fruit and vegetables, and
    • empty runs in connection with the operations specified in a) to d) above

The prescribed freight or transport documents must be carried for all freight and must be presented to authorised personnel for examination on request.

Source: IRU