Driving restrictions in Europe

Driving bans for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) will be found in many Member States across the European Union. These bans can be confusing and ultimately leave vehicles and drivers stranded at borders.  Fines will be imposed for non-compliance, even if unintentional infringements of the rules have been committed.

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Use the list below to find details of 2016/7 European driving restrictions. You can also find information on weekend and public holiday driving restrictions for most European countries in the European Road Transport Guide.

Austria (2019)

Belguim (2019)

Belarus (2018)

Bulgaria (2019)

Croatia (2017)

Czech Republic (2019)

Denmark (2019)

Finland (public holidays) (2017)

France (2018)

Germany (2019)   Also: Summer Driving Restrictions in Germany

Greece (2019)

Hungary (2019)

Italy (2019)

Luxemburg (2019)

Netherlands, The (2019)

Poland (2019)

Portugal (2019)

Romania (2019)

Slovakia (2019)

Slovenia (2017)

Spain (2019)

Switzerland (2019)

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Not all EU countries have published their driving restrictions yet, but we will add any new information as soon as it becomes available (year of available information shown in brackets)

List of countries with no driving restrictions.


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