Mobile phones and driving

Research has shown that a driver’s reaction time when using a mobile phone can be worse than if they were driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Increased penalties for drivers using mobile phones

The Government increased the penalties for drivers using hand-held mobile phones to a fine of £200 and six penalty points on their licence. 

In addition, the driver risks prosecution for careless or dangerous driving if they are involved in a collision or poor driving that can be attributed to using mobile phone.

Employers’ responsibilities

Employers can face prosecution for causing or permitting mobile-phone-related offences by providing hands-free phone kits in company cars for staff to use. Employers should ensure they have clear written policies on the use of mobile phones at work.

For further information please see our compliance guide on using mobile phones whilst driving, as well as the link to our stickers to raise awareness on the illegality of using mobile phones whilst in control of a vehicle.

Use of mobile phones whilst driving compliance guide

No Mobile Phones Stickers

Raise awareness and enforce no phone use with our stickers

No Mobile Phone Stickers