Model Conditions of Storage

What are the Logistics UK Model Conditions of Storage?

Logistics UK's Model Conditions of Storage articulate the agreement between the carrier and the customer for storage of goods, setting out the rules of operation for both parties, thereby removing the need to incur high legal costs either party drafting their own.

The Conditions of Storage identify the interests of the customer, and are drafted to protect the carrier. The conditions also define clear areas of responsibility for both parties. They can be varied to suit both parties' needs.

Logistics UK Conditions of Storage are approved by users and providers of freight transport and storage, as well as by the insurers of companies involved in the storage of goods.

These conditions are unique in being available to all UK operators and in a break from the past, you do not need to be an Logistics UK Member to use them.

Why adopt Logistics UK's Conditions?

  • Approved by users, providers and insurers including NMU, AXA and Royal Sun Alliance (RSA)
  • Cover all modes of transport
  • Has been updated to reflect current Dangerous Goods regulations
  • Can help to reduce the cost of your Goods in Transit insurance premium
  • Provides for the carrier's liability at £1,300 per tonne on the gross weight of goods lost
  • Encourage dispute resolution outside of court

What's contained in the Conditions?

  • A balanced contract that ensures both parties have clear areas of responsibility
  • Recognise the sensitive nature of the carriage of dangerous goods and makes it clear that the carrier will not subcontract carriage of such goods unless expressly authorised in writing by the customer
  • Provides flexibility to allow carrier to assist in loading and unloading while stating who is responsible should an incident occur
  • There is an emphasis to demonstrate best endeavours to obtaining proof delivery
  • Recognise the costs that the parties can incur if involved in civil proceedings in the court and offer Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures as an alternative
  • A one year limit is applied to ensure disputes are resolved quickly

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