Air freight

Air freight is used to transport small high-value goods and is vital in keeping the UK competitive in world business. While it represents less than one per cent of UK trade products by tonnage, air freight represents 30 per cent of exports by value.

Working with our members

Logistics UK works with its members on air freight issues through its Air Freight Working Group (members only), which reports to the British Shippers' Council.

Logistics UK research

Logistics UK has carried out research focused on the impact of capacity constraints at Heathrow on the air freight market (particularly belly hold cargo), and has campaigned for expansion for many years.

Impact of capacity constraints

A research report from 2015, jointly commissioned by Logistics UK and Transport for London, assesses the impact of constrained demand on the air freight market. It concludes that a significant proportion of the excess demand will be trucked overseas to the major continental hub airports but notes that this relates to belly hold cargo. Read Implications for the Air Freight Sector of Different Airport Capacity Options.

Sky High Value

Logistics UK's Sky High Value report illustrates how Heathrow is a critical hub for air cargo; it offers 191 destintions, moves 1.5 million tonnes of freight and is vital for UK connectivity to its main overseas markets. Heathrow is currently operating at 98 per cent capacity and needs to be able to expland to meet the needs of industry.


Alex Veitch, Head of Global Policy.