Recording Domestic Hours Using Tachograph

This Fact Sheet examines the issues surrounding operations subject to the GB domestic drivers’ hours rules when using a digital tachograph to provide records.

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The Use of Slot 2

There may be instances where drivers are requested to be a passenger to travel to a location, such as to collect a vehicle from a garage. The passenger would need to insert their card as the retained EU drivers’ hours legislation treats these passengers as drivers. This fact sheet examines the requirements for drivers travelling as passengers in commercial vehicles fitted with a digital tachograph

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Tachograph Manual Entries

This Fact Sheet and Compliance Sprint video explain the strict requirements on how tachograph manual entries are recorded for periods not spent within a vehicle. Enforcement of these requirements began in August 2022 after a grace period. Following this change, we explain the current manual entry requirements in our Fact Sheet and Compliance Sprint.

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Driver Licence Checks

This Fact Sheet and Compliance Sprint video explain the current driver licence requirements and ways to check driver licences.

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Driver CPC: 'Tools Of The Trade' Exemption

This Fact Sheet examines the exemption from Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) for ‘Drivers of vehicles carrying materials or equipment to be used by the driver in the course of his or her work, provided that driving is not the driver’s principal activity’. Here we explain the definition and where it would be applicable.

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Bridge Strikes

This Fact Sheet and Compliance Sprint video explore the common causes and ways to manage and prevent them from happening. Bridge strikes stubbornly remain a significant issue within the logistics industry. Since 2000/01 there have been no less than 1564 bridge strikes, for 2023/23 that number remains at over 1572, just over four per day!

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Cameras and Data Protection

This Fact Sheet explains the legal considerations when installing and using dash cams and in-cab recording devices

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Smoking In The Workplace

Smoke-free legislation was introduced in England and Northern Ireland in 2007, banning smoking in nearly all enclosed workplaces and public spaces, following similar bans in Scotland and Wales. Regulations banning smoking in Great Britain were modelled on the 2005 Regulations Scotland introduced, with the aim of providing an element of consistency throughout the UK, although differences exist in the detail. Here, we examine the main requirements for each country in the United Kingdom.

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