EU Roadworthiness Directive - May 2018

Between December 2014 and March 2015, the Department for Transport held a consultation on removing some of the exemptions from testing for certain specialised heavy goods vehicles. The proposal was that all heavy goods vehicles should undergo roadworthiness testing to identify defects, unless there is a clear reason why this is not practical or proportionate.


Removal of some exemptions for testing

The response refers to certain exemptions being removed, where they are based on an HGV chassis. This also refers to an inclusion of an exemption for ‘mobile machinery’ which covers bespoke vehicle construction, for example a road roller. Note this does not include machinery mounted to an HGV chassis. 

The legal changes will take effect from 20 May 2018. DfT has decided to adopt a phased approach for vehicles coming into scope of testing.

For all information on the phased approach and what vehicles are eligible please read the Changes to testing and plating exemptions briefing note

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