Loading of vehicles for fleet operators

Loading, securing and unloading goods safely are essential activities for any fleet operator. However, there’s no detailed regulatory framework specifically for these activities. Nevertheless, there’s enough legislation for the authorities to bring you to book.

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency has introduced training for enforcement staff to enable them to identify loads that are not sufficiently restrained, read more at Load securing requirements at DVSA road checks

Loading dock safety

Loading docks present a number of significant risks which require careful management. The Logistics UK Logistics Safety Working Group and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Retail and Distribution Group have produced a guide to identify these risks associated with vehicle/dock interface for the logistics sector and explore the possible control measures. Download the Loading dock safety guide.

Safety of loads on vehicles

Safety should be your main consideration when loading. You must ensure your drivers or warehouse staff are aware that:

  • the load must be secured or be in a position that ensures no danger is likely to be caused to anyone. This includes if the load or part of the load falls from the vehicle, or moves on the vehicle
  • no vehicle or trailer may be used for a purpose for which it is unsuitable so as to cause danger to anyone in or on the vehicle or on the road

Goods requiring particular care

Most goods can be transported safely without the need for specific legislation. However, there are particular requirements for carrying certain types of goods. View our table for goods requiring particular care.

Load securing for the brewing and drinks industry

In May 2013, Logistics UK published a guide to provide some basic guidance on methods of securing loads transported on goods vehicles used in the drinks and brewing industry. It has been produced in conjunction with Logistics UK members from this sector of road transport, and in liaison with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). 

How can I find out more information?

We provide detailed information about vehicle loading in our Operator Licence Compliance Information Service (OLCIS). 

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