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This is where we post about the improvements we've made to the platform and where we tell you how to utilise the new features in the best way possible.


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Recorded rests

A new option has been added to the driver calendar enabling Vision to display a drivers’ recorded rests. Enter a Summary

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We are delighted to introduce you to a brand-new feature available as part of the debrief process.

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Tachograph Dashboards

We are delighted to introduce to you our new suite of Tachograph Dashboards.

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PCN Dashboard

We've created a new feature which enables you to manage your PCNs in Vision.

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DCPC Dashboard

The Driver CPC Dashboard displays training progress for all your drivers helping you plan in your training in a timely fashion as well as highlighting those drivers that require immediate attention regards organising training courses. All the information displayed on the dashboard is fed in from the training information added to the DCPC tracker in Vision, as yet there is no link for training uploaded to DVLA.

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Audit and Inspection Email and Confirmation

This useful video will provide you with simple step-by-step instructions for FTA’s new Vehicle Inspection Appointment Confirmation process. This includes how to review, confirm, reschedule or cancel your appointments using Vision, FTA’s online compliance system.

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Upload tag added to driver and asset history

We've added a new option in the History tab in the driver and asset profile displaying details of card and VU uploads.

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Weekly Rest Overlay

We've created a new option available in the driver calendar that shows how Vision has calculated daily rests and weekly rests.

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New Vision Uploader - Installation Required

Vision is being upgraded to comply with the latest security standards, ensuring we keep your data safe and secure.

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Account setting and changes for DCPC

We've added an option that will allow you to turn the DCPC feature on or off for the whole of your account.

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