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Vision Self Admin- Location Hierarchies

This new feature available under Manage Locations allows companies with more than 1 location to set up and build their own reporting hierarchies initially for Dashboard reporting and user permissions. Self service and scheduled reports will be updated to use these hierarchies later in the year.Enter a Summary

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Manual entry dashboard

The Manual entry dashboard is designed for those companies that expect to see their drivers adding manual entries to their driver cards to show activities at the start and end of shifts, during shifts where there are gaps between traces, and to record overnight or weekly rest.

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Lead in, Lead out Dashboard

The Lead in, lead out dashboard is designed for those companies that expect to see periods of work recorded at the start and end of each shift and vehicle change. The practice of recording a period of work at the start and end of shifts is often used to help demonstrate that a walkaround check has taken place.

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Using Vision on Internet Explorer 11

From 1st November 2021, we will no longer be supporting and testing Vision on Internet Explorer 11. It may be that our functionality within Vision will still work on Internet Explorer 11 after this date, but we will not actively be testing and developing for this platform.

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Mileage Dashboard

The mileage dashboard helps you monitor various key performance indicators (KPI’s) based on the vehicle unit data.

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Merging Drivers

Occasionally more than one instance of the same driver can appear on Vision. This might happen when a driving licence is updated from a European to UK licence. Since the unique identifier (the driving licence number) doesn’t match, a new driver would be created. Similarly, a driver may have been created by adding a driver manually on Vision, but when the driver card data is uploaded information differs, so another driver is created.r a Summary

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Drivers hours and the mobility package

In August 2020 some changes were made to drivers hours and tachograph legislation through the mobility package. Whilst the changes have been in place for some time we felt it important to highlight what has changed in Vision to support you in remaining compliant.Enter a Summary

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Multi card alert

A new alert has been added to Vision designed to show where drivers have used more than one active driver card. An active driver card is defined for these purposes as one where the expiry date is in the future.

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Debrief Dashboard

The Debrief dashboard will be available on our next release. It has been designed to help you monitor how debriefs are managed within your company through the Vision debrief feature. It helps you identify if your colleagues are following the processes you have introduced to ensure drivers are aware of their infringements and understand how to stop them from happening in the future.

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Changing a driver type from agency to core

This feature is available for users with the Editor role and above. Simply go to Manage my drivers, open the profile of an agency driver, click the drop-down on Driver type and select “Core”

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