It’s not just beans & toilet roll – freight delivers EVERYTHING!

Friday 22 April 2016

It takes 400 vans to deliver all the toilet roll used by Londoners every day, and 23 articulated lorries to transport all the baked beans – just two examples from the Freight Transport Association of why freight is so vital to the capital city.

FTA’s Freight Manifesto for the London elections on 5 May outlines the importance of keeping the city moving, building a stronger economy, safer roads and a cleaner environment. FTA believes that the London Mayor and London Assembly need to work with the logistics industry to achieve these objectives in an ever-growing city where 90 per cent of goods are moved by road.

More than 360,000 tonnes of goods – everything from coffee to cars - are delivered to London by lorry every day. That’s 250 tonnes every minute, without accounting for deliveries by van, rail and other modes.

FTA Director of Policy Karen Dee said: “Reforming night-time delivery restrictions in London would have a huge impact, not only on the volume of HGVs on the roads at busy times but also on air quality and safety.

“Increasing air freight capacity, improving connectivity with new river crossings, incentivising the use of trucks with reduced blind spots and avoiding peak-time lorry bans would all contribute to a more prosperous, cleaner and safer London. FTA is keen to engage with the new Mayor and London Assembly on behalf of its members to ensure logistics is high on their agendas.”

FTA members operate more than half of the UK lorry fleet and consign over 90 per cent of rail freight and 70 per cent of exports by sea and air.

A copy of the FTA London Elections 2016 – Freight Manifesto can be downloaded at:
FTA Press Office
01892 552255