FTA publishes Freight Manifesto for Scotland

Thursday 21 April 2016

The Freight Transport Association today publishes its Freight Manifesto for Scotland ahead of next month’s parliamentary elections.
The document highlights key issues affecting the freight and logistics industry and outlines how the next Government can work with the sector to deliver a stronger economy, a better quality transport network and a cleaner environment.
Key actions called for in the Manifesto include:

  • Improve the resilience of key transport infrastructure, such as the Forth Road Crossing
  • Develop key road trade routes including M8/M80/M74, A9, A96, Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, A1 to English border and A82
  • Facilitate mode shift away from road by investment in the East Coast Main Line Scottish Central belt gauge
  • Support out-of-hours deliveries, with benefits for congestion, safety and the environment
  • Increase the availability of alternative fuel infrastructure for lorries
  • Safety – work with road users including freight operators to continue to reduce the number of fatal/serious accidents on the roads
  • Secure the quality of the Scottish international supply chain through English gateway ports and airports as well as Scottish
  • Lorry parking – plug the gaps in provision by encouraging investment into safe and secure parking facilities across the road network
  • Logistics skills shortage – work to help fill vital vacancies and promote careers in logistics
  • Introduce Low Emissions Zones only as strictly needed and avoiding significant economic disruption

Commenting on the manifesto, FTA Head of Policy for Scotland Chris MacRae said: “Scottish society relies on logistics – 425,000 tonnes of goods have to be moved by lorry every day in Scotland – to keep the shelves in our shops stocked, the restaurants full of food and medicines in our hospitals. And as this is just lorries, even more is needed each day by van, rail, sea and air. Logistics is vitally important to everything a future Scottish Government might want to achieve.

“By working with the logistics industry, the next Scottish Government can continue to reduce accidents, improve resilience, reduce emissions and help the Scottish economy grow while keeping the cost of living down.”

A copy of FTA’s Manifesto for Scotland can be downloaded here: http://www.fta.co.uk/_galleries/downloads/fta_councils/regional_freight_councils/scotland/election-manifesto-2016-scotland.pdf
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