Scanner support

Tips for best use

There are various factors that are important to get right in order to get the best results out of scanned chart analysis. If any area is weak, then the quality of the image can be affected and you may get a high rate of failed images that will then require rescanning or achieve poor analysis results. Please spend some time familiarising yourself with these points and you should have trouble free use of your equipment.

Scanner positioning

Avoid positioning the scanner in a hot, humid, dirty or dusty environment.

Analogue chart type selection

For the best analysis results it is advisable to only use the special scanning tachograph charts sold by FTA. These charts have been designed to maximise image quality when used with the FTA scanning solution. To order call FTA's Shop on 08717 11 11 11 - order ref 4654 (numbered) and 4663 (unnumbered).

Scanning charts

  • Charts must be scanned face down on Panasonic scanner model KVS-1025C
  • Chart guides need to be positioned correctly – too tight and the chart bends, too loose and it moves meaning analysis can not take place
  • Do not re-scan failed charts before checking the reason they were failed
  • If a chart is scanned on the wrong driver or date do not rescan, contact FTA for further instruction
  • If a driver has used more that one chart in a day they can all be scanned on the same day but each chart must be scanned separately
  • A chart showing an overnight shift should be scanned on the date the shift started

Scanner cleaning

It is vital that you clean your scanner at least once per week. Wax on analogue charts will come off in the scanner and leads to deterioration of the rollers and poor image quality. Clean the scanner at least once a week or when 2,000 charts have been scanned - whichever comes first.

  • Clean inside the scanner
  • Rollers
  • Scanner glass sections

Use only approved cleaning materials which can be purchased from FTA's Shop on 08717 11 11 11 - order ref. 4749. For details of how to access the scanner parts of cleaning, please read this scanner cleaning instruction guide.

  • Avoid excess scanner temperature
  • Avoid leaving the scanner idle for long periods – switch off when not in use. Scanner lenses can become tarnished by light burn which degrades the chart image for analysis

Helpline number

If your problem isn't solved by one of the above then please contact the Digitac support helpline on 08700 11 57 15 for more assistance.