Gateway scheduled reports user guide

Open up your internet browser and go to the FTA Gateway website.

Log in to the website by entering your username and password.

Scheduled reports viewer

On the homepage, click on 'scheduled reports'. This is where users can view the report schedules that have been run, and access the reports that have been created within the schedules.

Users will be restricted from viewing schedules if the depots within the report do not match those that are set against the user profile permissions.

Any user added as a recipient for a report schedule will have access to the reports, regardless of the fact that their user profile might not allow them access to the depots within the schedule.

The 'audit reports select parameters' is where the user can search schedules by defining the parameters of the schedules they wish to be displayed in the list below.

  • Include report - this will return all schedules that contain the selected report type ie 'scheduled tacho management report'.
  • Include depot - this will return all schedules that contain reports for the selected depot.
  • Name like - by typing the name of the schedule in this field it will return any schedule with that name.
  • Date selection - this relates to the date period you are looking at. It will default to the previous week and show all schedules generated within that week. You can change to view the previous fortnight, month, six months or year.
  • Start and finish dates - this can be used to input your own dates to see the generated schedules within a chosen period.
  • Ref like - each schedule has a unique reference number. If you type the number or something close to it into the system, each schedule that it recognises to match that number will be shown.

After choosing your selections click 'submit' to initiate your search.

The 'audit reports data' section is where the report schedules that have been generated are listed.

To access the schedule details and the reports contained within, click on to the left of the schedule name.

Schedule details header

This is where the key details of the schedule are displayed:

  • 'Schedule name' - the name of the schedule.
  • 'Schedule ref' - the schedule reference number.
  • 'Scheduled run' - the date and time the schedule was set to run.
  • 'Actual run' - the date and time the schedule actually ran.
  • 'Schedule first run' - the date the schedule first ran on.
  • 'Next live run' - the date and time the schedule is next due to run.

Schedule recipients

If a report schedule has been sent out as a link or attached to an email, this is where the recipient email addresses will be listed.

Schedule report details

This is where the reports that have been generated are listed. By clicking on the name of the report highlighted in blue you will gain access to the report.

  • 'Report name' - the name of the report(s). This acts as a link to the report document itself by clicking on the report name the user will have the option of opening the report or saving it to a location on their computer of the user's choice.
  • 'Type' - the format the report has been created in.
  • 'Report details' - this is where the main report parameters are displayed showing the areas, and depots selected and the start and end dates of the reports.

These reports are generated by FTA Tacho for members with an analysis contract. It is not possible to generate online reports in this report viewer.