FTA Gateway user instruction guide

This is a guide to the FTA Gateway where our dashboard reports, CDU Online software, and self service reports can be found, along with other features.

Accessing the FTA Gateway

Go to the FTA Gateway site

FTA Gateway is compatible with all browsers, but for the best experience we recommend viewing in Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 or above.

Sign in

To access your reports you'll need to sign in to the Gateway. Click on Sign In on the navigation menu. Enter your username and password in the relevant boxes and click the 'Sign in' button to proceed.
If you have forgotten your login details, click on the link Forgotten your password and enter your email address associated with your account. An email will then be sent to you confirming your details.

Your username and password remain the same as those used to log into the old Gateway. If you do not have a login, please complete the registration form.

My Gateway

This is the main menu, where you can navigate to view Customer Data Uploader (CDU) online, Tacho analysis, VIS and Tacho audit dashboards as well as self service reports.
Dashboard reports

The dashboard reports are the key feature of the site. The reports are laid out in highly versatile way, with varying levels of detail ranging from company to driver level. Permissions can be set up for users so that they only see what they want to see – whether it's all levels from top to bottom or just one depot and all of its drivers. Different report levels can also be created for a higher quality reporting set up. The reports are user friendly with our new 'drill down' feature where users can click on reports to go down through the various levels of detail. FTA members have had a large input in what they would like their reports to do and this feedback has been integral to the development of our new cutting edge reporting.

Tacho dashboard

To learn more about the tacho dashboard reports click on the icon shown below. This will take you to the dashboard default screen.

The above screenshot shows the default dashboard report sets. The reports are all showing results for the whole company. If a user wishes to go into one of the report sets they click on it and they will be taken to the next level (depending on their permissions).

Hovering over the symbol gives an outlined description of the report set.

There are currently eight reports available on the tachograph dashboard.

  • Driver upload compliance - reports on driver card upload compliance
  • Vehicle upload compliance - reports on vehicle unit upload compliance
  • Graduated fixed penalties (GFPs) - reports on GFPs incurred over a year or a specific period
  • Infringement categorisation - reports on all or specific infringements incurred over a year or specific date range
  • Performance status league - compares infringements incurred this year against last years performance
  • Performance status period - compares average record keeping and driver’s hours’ infringements this week last year to this week this year
  • Performance status trend - shows the trend of average infringements this year against average infringements last year benchmarking against national, sector averages
  • Working time - reports on average working time for current and previous week over the current reference period

VIS dashboard

A superb new set of dynamic reports designed to work alongside FTA's Vehicle Inspection Services. Full details coming soon!

Tacho audit dashboard

A new reporting mechanism for tachograph audits reporting coming soon!

CDU Online

CDU (Customer Data Uploader) Online is our digital and analogue data uploading software and much, much more. We have recently moved this from a desktop application to online to allow our members to use the software on any PC or laptop that has internet access.

  • Key features of the software are:
  • driver calendar screen including instant infringement check of all data
  • driver summary screen including manual entry options
  • vehicle calendar screen including vehicle utilisation information
  • vehicle summary screen including start and finish KM readings
  • uploads both digital and analogue data
  • EU, domestic and working time analysis
  • purchase of agency driver data just for the days he works for you
  • speed trace reporting

And much, much more!

Self service reports

This group of reports are designed to allow you to produce your own reports on demand. There are various levels of reporting group which we can set for you restricting access where required.

Driver depot reports

This is a set of reports that shows activities and analysis of drivers data. Reports can be grouped by area depot/location or in some cases can be run for individual drivers.

  • Activities report - lists all non work and training days for each driver within a specified date range
  • Driver daily weekly analysis report - standard weekly report showing drivers shifts and infringements incurred
  • Driver repeat infringement - displays all or selected drivers with a specified number of repeat infringements
  • Driver upload - compliance status by depot - highlights depots where card uploads are outstanding
  • Driver upload - compliance status by driver - highlights drivers where card uploads are outstanding
  • Missing data report - shows for each driver dates where no data has been uploaded to CDU
  • RTD - driver weekly report - driver report showing weekly working time hours for the current reference period
  • RTD - summary analysis within location report - summary of working time analysis by driver and location
  • RTD - status - driver detailed analysis report - summary of working time activities by week by driver

Management summary reports

A set of reports aimed at managers to gain an overview of activities and analysis of depot/location performance. Reports can be grouped by area or depot/location.

  • Management summary - compliance status by driver - summarises infringements found on the drivers’ hours analysis report by driver
  • Management summary - compliance status by driver - Excel - summarises infringements found on the drivers’ hours analysis report by driver in Excel format
  • Management summary - compliance status by depot - summarises infringements found on the drivers’ hours’ analysis report by depot/location
  • Management summary - compliance status by depot - Excel - summarises infringements found on the drivers’ hours’ analysis report by depot/location in Excel Format

Vehicle reports

This is a set of reports to show activities and analysis of the vehicle data. Reports can be grouped by area, location/depot or in some cases by individual vehicle.

  • Vehicle discontinuity report - a report designed for analogue vehicles only showing where there are missing KMs
  • Vehicle download - compliance status by depot - a report designed for digital data highlighting vehicle unit download compliance grouped by depot
  • Vehicle download - compliance status by vehicle - a report designed for digital data highlighting vehicle unit download compliance grouped by vehicle
  • Vehicle driving summary - exceptions - a summary report designed for digital vehicles to highlight distance travelled where no card has been inserted
  • Vehicle driving Time - card exceptions - A detailed report by vehicle, showing activities where no card is inserted, unknown and known cards are inserted

Scheduled reports

Any of the reports listed in the self service reporting section can scheduled and emailed to you. When setting up a contract our administration team will discuss your requirements with you.

The scheduled reports button will allow you to view reports that have been emailed to you in the past. This means you don’t have to take up valuable space on your PC or server in storing all your reports. Just select the schedule and the report set will be reproduced.

Help and advice

Our dedicated help and advice section has lots of useful information to help our members – whether it is queries on digital tachograph hardware, the reports in the website or tips for the best use of scanners. Get in-depth explanations on all the dashboard report sets from high to low levels. Find information on FTA's Customer Data Uploader software, current and previous version as well as technical information and downloads.


If you wish to contact us or have any queries regarding the Gateway, you can do so in a variety of ways either online, by telephone, fax or tweet. Just click on Contact us and you'll get all the relevant details.