How to Install Panasonic KV-S1046C Scanner

In order to scan tachograph charts you will need to install a Panasonic KV-S1046C Scanner.
Please note this scanner is only compatible with FTA Data Uploader Version 2.7 or above.
If you have bought the KV-1046C Scanner to replace the KV-1025C or another scanner you will first need to uninstall all the drivers for the old scanner.
Where the KV-1025C was used you will need to remove the following:
 • Twain Driver (Will be installed)
 • Panascan/High Speed Panasonic Driver (Will be installed)
 • Utility (Will be installed)
 • Abby Fine reader (Sometimes installed)
 • Quick Scan Pro (Sometimes installed)
 • MCD (Sometimes installed)
 • IDR Engine (Sometimes installed)

There are 4 parts to the scanner installation process and we suggest that they are installed in this order:

1) Panascan

2) Twain Drivers

3) Panasonic User Utility

4) Tachograph Utility

Please Note: We advise that the scanner is NOT connected to the PC during the installation process.

1) Panascan - install and follow the on-screen prompts

2) Twain Drivers - install and follow the on-screen prompts

3) Panasonic User Utility - install and follow the on-screen prompts

Installation of the Scanner User Utility will leave the icon illustrated below on your Desktop and Taskbar and allows you to monitor use of the scanner.
4) Click here to download  the Panasonic Tachograph Utility file. This is required to enable tachograph charts to be scanned using this equipment.
Connecting the scanner

After completing the installation the scanner can be connected to the PC. We recommend that you select a USB port on the PC and leave the scanner plugged in. If for any reason it needs to be disconnected from the PC, always reconnect to the same USB port.
Switch on the scanner and connect it to your PC.

The following information will be shown on your PC in the bottom right hand corner
To check if the scanner is active and working correctly double click on the Panasonic User Utility icon on the desktop.
Setting the Tacho Utility Mode

In order to allow the scanner to recognise chart scanning you will need to set the the Tacho Utility mode to this. You will need to save the .exe file to the computers C drive or local drive i.e. the Desktop (it cannot be stored on a server based drive).
Once the file has been downloaded to the local drive, double click on the executable file and set the mode to 'ON' then click on 'Set' and finally 'Close'.