Scanner frequently asked questions

Will the Customer Data Uploader (CDU) work with my scanner?

FTA software is configured to work with Panasonic KV S1025C scanners (the standard scanner that can be purchased direct from FTA) but will work with other scanners from the Panasonic KV S202x range. It is recommended that you speak with the FTA digital support line regarding the compatibility of a scanner before using the FTA software. All scanners require a software add-on to work with the CDU. If installed by FTA this will be done for you. If not, contact the FTA digital support helpline for this free software patch.

Will the scanner work across a thin client?

This is not generally recommended.

Is my scanner under warranty?

All scanners purchased from FTA come with a manufacturer's standard warranty of 12 months. Your scanner purchase will be registered with Panasonic via the FTA when you purchased automatically. Should you encounter any problems with the scanner then contact the FTA digital support line and any repair or support action will be completed by FTA on your behalf.

Does the scanner need a power supply or is it powered from the computer?

The scanner needs to be plugged into the standard UK 240v mains. The scanner does come with a European style two-pin plug adapter if required.

The scanner does not turn on when plugged in

The KV S1025C power switch is located on the back of the unit. The KV S2026C power switch is located on the front of the unit in the bottom right-hand side. In both cases these switches need to be pressed on to switch the unit on. If this does not solve the issue then use the Panasonic scanner utility on the Windows desk top to help trouble shoot the issue or alternatively contact FTA digital support line.

Where should I locate my scanner?

The scanner location will be limited to the length of the USB connection cables that are provided (approx 1m in length) to attach the scanner to your PC, and the location of a 240v power supply. The best location for the scanner is in a clean, dust free environment and out of any direct sunlight.

How often should I clean my scanner?

Scanners should be cleaned at least once a week or when the Panasonic scanner utility indicates that cleaning is required (typically after 2,000 charts) which ever occurs first. Full cleaning details are included on the FTA CDU software disk in the Instructions and Manuals folder. It is also recommended that the scanner is covered with a dust sheet when it is not in use.

What should I use to clean my scanner with?

You should only use an approved Isopropyl cleaning solution and a non-abrasive cloth. FTA provides a range of cleaning products that can be used with the scanner. Contact FTA's Shop for further details on these, quoting product code 4749.

How many charts can be scanned at once?

The software or the scanner does not have a set limit as such, although the scanner can only seat a maximum of a 5mm depth in the feed. Best practice recommends that you only scan one week’s worth of charts per driver.

Which way round do I place the charts into the scanner?

Charts placed into the KV S1025C must be placed into the feed face down. Charts placed into the KV S2026C must be placed into the feed face up.

How should I set the scanner chart guides to on top of the KV S1025C?

The guides need to be positioned correctly so that the charts do not bend (being too tight) but also that the charts are not too loose.

Can I leave my scanner in the stand by mode?

You should switch your scanner off after use to allow for the lenses inside the unit to cool down. Leaving the scanner in stand by can lead to a gradual deterioration of the lenses which can reduce the quality of the scanned image.

Can my scanner be used with other software as well as the FTA CDU for scanning charts?

Whilst the Panasonic scanners can be configured for other OCR functions this is not recommended to be used in conjunction with chart image scanning.