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Driverfta PC version

Driverfta is the drivers “cut” of Visionfta which will give them access to their own “read only” data via a PC. If they have already downloaded the Driverfta app then they will be able to use the same user name and log in details to access Driverfta. They will just need to go to and log in, otherwise contact for full details.

Driverfta includes access to the: 
Driver Calendar, including visibility of forward hours, weekly statistics and activities report, and a view of 4 weeks’ worth of data at a time

Day detail screen and history
Driver profile including access to debrief archive and history. The driver performance has been excluded for the short term.

This new feature also includes a “Walk through” video to show the driver how to use the application. This is available by clicking on the user name in the top right hand side of the screen. 

For full details of how to give your drivers access to Driverfta contact

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