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1202 delegates attended Transport Manager in 2015, 86% surveyed would recommend to a friend or colleague with a 90% satisfaction rate from those who attended on the day.  We have a great formula to know what works for FTA’s Transport Manager Conferences and 2016 would be no exception.

…and then Brexit landed.

So making this year’s Transport Manager events relevant, varied and informed took a bit of outside thinking. I started this role in June having worked in the industry for 8 years and wanted to deliver a Transport Manager that focussed on the prominent issues of the moment.

But with the ‘B’ word the only thing on everyone’s lips I can’t say that planning this year’s programme hasn’t been a challenge. 

Then we listened to what you were asking us – what issues are top of your agenda, what stories regularly feature throughout our industry and what our customer service and member relations teams are resolving on a daily basis. And the same themes came through every time:

  • You want to be compliant through your processes and understand any changes on the horizon.
  • You want to be excellent in your daily operation, from the moment your fleet sets off to the standard of customer service you expect to the technology you use to track driver progress.
  • You want to be connected with likeminded people in the logistics industry, if someone else is solving the issue you have on a daily basis then you want to know about it. 
  • You have a responsibility – to protect your customers, your staff and your industry in any obstacles that might stand in the way

When we defined those four themes the rest fell in to place. This year’s programme takes you from a view with your local Traffic Commissioner to how you can influence key issues at board level to fuelling change solutions to enhance performance and vehicle technology to preparing for the year ahead – to name but a few.
As always places are in high demand so whether you’re a one man band or looking to send thirty delegates – we’d love to see you there.

And with so much going on throughout September to December this blog is my own way of keeping you up to date. Sharing the inside track on how we deliver Transport Manager, the thought process behind the expert speakers to our all-important sponsors to the year ahead action plan that you leave with. But perhaps most importantly the success stories as they happen.

Bring on the next four months…

For more information on this year's conference visit
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A tightening of emission standards, safety issues in cities and new product mean the next 12 months will be a time of intense focus for commercial vehicle managers.

Here we look at some of the upcoming developments to give CV fleets an essential heads-up.

Euro 6

Euro 6 emissions standards become mandatory for light commercial vehicles from September 1. 
They are the last of the pack to face these standards - trucks had to comply by September 1, 2013, followed by cars last year.

Most van manufacturers have updated their engines to reflect the new regulations, which may result in list price increases in some cases. Some fleets have also told us that Euro 6 engines are not as efficient, often returning a few mpgs less than their Euro 5 equivalents.

The regulations mean that a number of Euro 6 vehicles will require the use of the Adblue additive – which will add to running costs. Remember to add this into your wholelife cost calculations.

City compliance

Demand for recognition and fleet accreditation from suppliers is a growing part of the procurement process for many companies, and safety concerns remain high on the agenda of fleets operating in cities, particularly London.

With a number of professional standards, such as FTA Van Excellence, and safety initiatives like CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Cycle Safety), fleets need to make the choice about which ones to support based on their business priorities.

They also need to be aware of urban emissions standards which are expected to be introduced to a number of cities over the next couple of years, following the template established by London.

New product

Volkswagen’s new Crafter large van is set to arrive in mid-2017, with its sister MAN TGE – the first van for the truck brand - following not far behind. 

Fiat has significantly updated its van range with a raft of new and facelifted models.

The Fiorino city van gets a facelift, interior update and new engines. New is the Talento medium panel van, which replaces the Scudo, while Fiat has also launched the Fullback double cab pick-up truck.

Meanwhile, Toyota is launching the new Hilux pick-up and Proace medium panel van.

Find out more

Fleets can put the latest models from Fiat, DAF, Toyota and LDV to the test at Commercial Fleet Van & Truck, held at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire, on September 20 and 21. 

You will also be able to find out about all the other key issues set to affect your operations over the coming year during seminar sessions and in the sold-out exhibition, where more than 30 suppliers will be on hand to discuss latest fleet products and services.

Plus you will be able to meet and network with other fleet operators and share best practice advice.
Commercial Fleet Van & Truck is free to attend - reserve your ticket - Van & Truck - A Commercial Fleet event
(The views and opinions expressed by the authors of these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Freight Transport Association)

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A second phase of a new carbon benchmark for medium- and large-sized trucks has been announced this week by the US Environment Protection Agency.  It is expected that this standard will cut more than 1 billion metric tonnes of carbon emissions and 2 billion barrels of oil use.  By 2027, it’s reported that trucks made in 2027 will be 25 per cent more carbon efficient than models built in 2018.  

This announcement adds more pressure to the European Commission to get on and introduce carbon efficient limits on European trucks. 

Influencing the buying decisions of fleet operators to purchase more energy-efficient trucks is expected to tackle rising transport emissions.  The Commission wants purchasers to be advised of a truck's CO2 standard and for targets to be set to curb emissions.  Up until now the focus has been on Euro Standards and reducing air pollutants.

Carbon standards for new HGVs (plus buses and coaches) are therefore due to introduced by 2019. Cars and vans have already come under similar CO2 legislation but complications arise when attempting to apply these to HGVs, where there are rigids, semi-trailers and tractors to consider, not to mention tyres, different gearboxes and axles. Add to this varying operational and duty cycles and differing bodies and equipment.

The Commission has developed a vehicle energy consumption calculation tool (VECTO) to measure fuel and carbon emissions to tackle these issues.  But there is a risk a certification scheme may be overly simplistic considering the wide variety of models and sizes and the differing weights and loads carried.  As the Commission sets legislation, FTA believes that manufacturers and operators are both engaged in the process so that the standards are workable for industry as a whole.
(The views and opinions expressed by the authors of these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Freight Transport Association)

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